Jewellery Making Courses

Create your own unique handcrafted jewellery

This course is an introduction to basic metal construction. It allows you to evolve your skills over time. Learn how to:

Maximum of three students per instructor ensuring the most individualized instruction possible.
Materials can be purchased from the instructor but all tools, sandpaper, and soldering supplies will be provided.
A 4-week class on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons between 1 and 4 pm.
For further information please call Cheryl at (514) 969-3591 or email

Taught by award-winning jewelry artist Cheryl Ross:

I am a graduate of the Sir George Williams School of Retailing. I first took Jewellery courses at the Saidye Bronfman School of the Arts in 1985 to 1993. I had the best Teachers all recognized Jewellers from the Montreal Area. I learned so much about how to make Jewellery and all the steps in making a wearable piece of art. I always had a workshop in my basement where I could design and make Sterling Silver Jewellery after taking classes at The Saidye. I still do to this day, but much nicer and brighter than in the past. Unfortunately, my Husband passed away in November of 1993. Due to this fact I needed to find some employment and in 1994 started teaching art courses in Elementary schools in and around the Montreal area. I worked at Royal Vale Elementary School from 1992 to 2014, first teaching a metal works class to grade 5 to 6 students in their Afterschool Extracurricular programs, which then evolved to teaching Polymer clay classes to Students from grades 1 thru 6. During 1995 t0 1996 I taught Jewellery making for the Protestant School Board at Lachine High School Adult Education at night. This was very enlightening as after teaching Children during the day, Adults were just big Kids that wanted instant results and Jewellery making has lots of steps that can not be rushed. In 1997 I started CSEP Inc. with a partner where we sell Arts and Crafts Supplies to Schools, Daycares and Summer Camps. I am still involved with this company and its day to day operation. In 2015 I bought my Condo in Florida and decided to renew my techniques in Jewellery making so in the winter of 2016 I started taking classes at the Boca Museum Art School. I was encouraged by my amazing teachers their and started winning awards for my One of A kind designs. There I developed my style of designing unique pieces of wearable art. I still take classes there when I am in Florida so that I can solder all my pieces together. As there are many steps in the making of Jewellery, what I can do in my Condo I do as the classes are very expensive and basically I stand for 3 hours of the class soldering all my components together.


Jewellery Making Workshops in Montreal
Copyright Westluke Jewellers - Cheryl Ross

Copyright Westluke Jewellers - Cheryl Ross

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